The University of Johannesburg (UJ) is growing its offering of fully online courses as part of its commitment to shifting the frontiers of teaching and learning.

Towards the end of 2017, the university launched four fully online Master’s degree programmes, which included Master of Public Health, Master of Public Management and Governance, Master of Education Management, and Master of Education in Information and Communication Technology.

UJ said those Master’s programmes had successfully run over four intakes, showing growing student enrollments and pass rates with each module completed.

The university said that for the fifth intake, on 2 July, they would launch their second batch of online-only programmes which will include the Bachelor of Commerce in International Accounting, the Bachelor of Human Resource Management, Advanced Diploma in Financial Markets and Advanced Diploma in Transportation Management.

Professor Amanda Dempsey, senior director of the CBE School of Accounting, said: “By shifting to online learning, UJ is creating a generation of informed and connected global citizens.

“Moreover, we are contributing to the needs of an adaptable, sustainable, knowledge-based economy which in turn, nurtures a democratic, diverse, and inclusive society.”

Professor Rory Ryan, executive director of academic development and support, said: “UJ is committed to applying new technologies in providing a 21st-century learning experience to our students. This natural evolution of accessible education brings greater ease of access to learning.

“Students can further their careers and educational goals anywhere and at any time. The programmes are designed to suit multiple learning pathways that allow for a variety of learning paces while keeping students engaged, motivated, supported and geared for success.”

The institution said offering these 100% online programmes was providing alternative means of acquiring internationally renowned qualifications available to students who were not able to attend face-to-face lectures.

“By going online, UJ is offering learning opportunities that accommodates logistical challenges such as full-time employment, geographical location, family obligations, and a host of other challenges that our modern student body faces.”

UJ added that their Learning Management System enabled the delivery of the content for each programme, while the web interface and mobile app allowed students real-time access on any device.

– African News Agency (ANA), Editing by Lindiz van Zilla

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