Richelle Neethling writes about her first Bokeh International Film Festival 2017 experience…

“I expected it to be an artsy fartsy affair, which it was. But I hadn’t expected it to be as enjoyable as it was. Everybody was just the right amount of pretentious, the smiles flowed as did the manicured accents.

The outfits were on point; some personalities attempting ‘the-I-couldn’t-care-less-but-I-took-4-hours-to-get-into-this’ look, while others purposefully appeared to have walked out of the pages of Vogue.

The finalists were being announced and we stood at the bar for drinks (we were thirsty, geez) and a prissy lady with a scowl came over and barked, ‘No more drinks. The bar is closed. Get inside the showroom with everyone else.’

As amusing as her red face was, we conceded and joined the crowd.

For a while we stood at the back, waiting for a chance to pounce upon an available seat. After twenty minutes we ran into luck. We enjoyed the realness of the MC in her glitzy dress and the way the event unfolded.

Some of the finalists surprised us, in the most exciting ways possible.

This is an exclusive event carefully curated for art, design, fashion and film buffs.

There is no way that you can walk out of those screenings without feeling mildly uplifted and inspired.

The ‘who’s who’:

P.s What is with the prissy attitudes? Just because you’ve got thousands of followers or own seven Maserati’s; It still doesn’t excuse you having a carrot up your a@*.

Be humble homie’s, be humble.”

Ran into a bad hair day or your foundation needed a touch up?

Make up artists and hair stylists roamed the room, making you feel like a star in your own right:

Of course, guests were slaying it:

Polaroid with Jimmy | @bokehfff | 07. 04. 2017

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Now, the part you’ve been waiting for.

Here are some teasers, but believe me, it’s worth it to go watch the short films that featured:

@ethetics is headed home… #Repost @ethetics ・・・ News news news! ETHETICS (ethics+aesthetics) Episode 2, feat. @lukhanyomdingi and @nicholascoutts is an official selection at @bokehfff in Cape Town. Nothing like bringing it back home. Congrats team! A film by @noirtribe in partnership with the ITC @ethicalfashion. Music by @drumandlace. #ethetics #mdingicoutts #lukhanyomdingi #nicholascoutts #lukhanyomdingixnicholasscoutts #noirtribe #ethicalfashion #efi #ethicalfashioninitiative #itc #internationaltradecentre #wto #worldtradeorganization #un #unitednations #ethicalfashionfilm #fashionfilm #fashiondocumentary #capetown #southafrica #slowfashion #bokeh #bokehfashionfilmfestival #merdecesbenz #drumandlace #noirtribe #blackhistorymonth

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