A body acceptance advocate has taken to TikTok to show just how fake and unrealistic social media can be.

The certified life coach and TikToker, Josephine Livin uses her account to promote “real life, self-love & body acceptance” by using her own body to prove that what we see on social media isn’t always the truth.

In her ‘Instagram vs Reality’ style videos, the influencer reveals candid images and how the position of her clothing plus her poses can completely alter how her figure appears in photographs.

In one of her examples, she is seen sitting upright on the edge of a pool and her figure appears the perfect hourglass shape.

Then in the next moment, she shows how everyone actually looks when they’re enjoying themselves on holiday by slumping her shoulders down and relaxing her muscles.

Livin captioned her popular video: “the people you compare yourself to online don’t look like that 24/7,” and a lot of her viewers could relate to her content.

They took to her comments section to applaud her for promoting body acceptance in a world where most people just want to look perfect all the time.

@josephinelivinnthe people you compare yourself to online don’t look like that 24/7 🤍

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“Thank you so much for this. Being compared at or comparing to every “perfect girl” seriously hurts my mental health and this just made my day,” one user wrote.

Another said: “I love that you use yourself and show everyone that the internet isn’t real. You’re definitely doing amazing work and look amazing no matter what.”

Young women and girls, in particular, can have struggles with their body image because of social media usage, so being able to see real bodies, and body acceptance is very important.

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