A surge of black creative’s have surfaced among young South African’s. In the past few months, we have seen black people claiming their identity, proud of their hair and language.

Social media has been abuzz with hashtags in celebration of black consciousness:#BlackExcellence, #BlackGirlMagic and #BlackSlay.

A poet, Sithabile Mbonambi has taken to social media to talk about her experiences about growing up black in ” a white/eurocentric world.” She speaks about being called a “coconut” and its denotations… 
Mbonambi is a fourth year student at Rhodes University. She is an aspiring Chartered Accountant who is passionate about bridging the income inequality (and thus reducing the GINI coefficient) of South Africa.
She also volunteers at various NGOs to equip her with the necessary skills to start her own NGO one day. She is a budding social entrepreneur and a definite visionary. Mbonambi has been placed on the Dean’s Merit List in both her first and second years of University and has received Half Colours for academics from Rhodes University.

She strives for excellence in all aspects of her life… 

“You’re alone with your hair, that just doesn’t grow straight. You’re glorified for your whiteness that breeds self-hate,” she said “…But what happens in these schools though that makes you despise your own?”
WATCH: Assimilation. Trapped By My Own Blackness 
by Sithabile Mbonamibi


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