Local drama series The Queen had Twitter distraught after one of the drama’s important characters, Jerry Maake was killed off in last’s night episode.

Fans weren’t expecting the drama when Maake,(played by Shona Ferguson) was shot dead and set alight by Harriet Khoza ,(played by Connie Ferguson). Connie’s character has lived her whole life as a spoiled trophy wife, she has been forced to do unthinkable things to keep her family together.

In the hit drama, Jerry is a good hearted police detective of Tembisa. He is stubborn and obsessive – a difficult man who believes that everything is either black or white hence the “robocop” nickname.

Last week’s episode had viewers on the edge of their seats when Jerry played a tape revealing the family’s secrets, Harriet couldn’t risk having her secret come out and decided to kill him.

Some were still hoping that he might survive, but last night’s episode sent fans into a meltdown as he was set alight.

WATCH: Twitter reacts to Jerry’s death

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