Usain Bolt, the “fastest man alive” (sorry, Barry Allen) might need to reevaluate his skills.

Our very own Wayde Van Niekerk has set a new world record for the little-run 300m sprint event at the Golden Spike meeting in Oztrava, Czech Republic on Wednesday.

Beating Bolt as well as the even faster time of Michael Johnson with a time of 30.81 seconds against Bolt’s 30.97 and Johnson’s 30.85.

Even Trace – you know, the music channel that has absolutely nothing to do with sports – gave our man a thumbs up.

Van Niekerk also wrecked Johnson’s 400m record at last year’s Rio Olympics, beating the American’s record of 43.18 by 0.15 seconds (if you don’t feel like doing math, that’s 43.03) and grabbing himself a gold medal.

The IAAF (International Association of Athletics Federations) has recognised Wayde’s 300m time as the new world best.

Despite now holding two sprinting records, Wayde told the IAAF that he plans to aim even higher.

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“Now I can say that I officially have the 400 and 300 record. It’s out there, it’s mine. It’s something I can claim and be proud about. But being 24 years old means that I have so much more to do in my career. I’ve got so much more to achieve,” Wayde told the IAAF.

I hope some plans are being made for a head-to-head between these three speedsters to see who truly is the fastest. I’d pay to watch that, and I’m not even into sports.

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