When it comes to dodging the topic at hand, our president might even give Trump a run for his money.

At least that’s what Twitter thinks.

Yesterday, the president was faced with his quarterly Q and A session in the House of Parliament, and while he seemed to think it was a riot – since he kept laughing and smiling through the whole thing – the rest of the country seems to disagree.

In one of his more serious moments yesterday, he mentioned that he doesn’t like the idea of a secret ballot in what will be the eighth no confidence vote since his election.
He accused DA leader Mmusi Maimane of trying to “steal” ANC votes from Parliament by demanding the secret ballot and assured the DA that they wouldn’t get the votes they need by coaxing ANC MPs into voting with them.
He said that MPs should instead use an open ballot as they have in the previous seven motions. “How did we vote in the (seven previous motions)? Why this time do it differently?” said Zuma.
He also spoke of his son, Duduzane, saying that he never assisted him in getting lucrative contracts from the government and lashed out at Maimane for “singling out” his son.
Other than that, everyone seems to think pretty much all of his responses were irrelevant.

Between his laughing and brushing off questions, he managed to find some time to blame today’s youth unemployment on Apartheid, which just so happened to be abolished over 20 years ago.

While many people are taking sides, there are those who decided to just sit back, grab some popcorn and enjoy the show.

I think it’s safe to say that most people aren’t all too happy with our fearless leader after yesterday’s events.

One cannot help but wonder; what would’ve happened if Malema and his buddies had shown up…
-Tyler Roodt

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