Everyday for the past few months now we’ve been taken deeper into the chat history of our president and his Gupta squad.

Perfect time for the public protector to raise her voice, right? She seems to think otherwise.

Busisiwe Mkhwabane has gone off the radar when it comes to anything presidential. She hasn’t acted on any allegations of abuse of office by public officials that’s been happening in recent weeks.

She’s been locking horns with ABSA (no sweat)…

But asking questions about our president and any possibly dubious activities looks like it’s not her thing.

It’s in her job description to well… protect the public. Her position makes her the people’s first line of defense against a corrupt government.

She is the one who calls out the people who do things that might make you shake your head and think: “That’s not right, man.”
When Mkhwebane was first appointed as public protector, there were quite a few people who weren’t all too happy, and there still are.

Her being M.I.A. on such an important matter isn’t really helping her case. Some even think she’s in league with Zuma and the Guptas.
Of course, there are people who appreciate what she’s doing and have been throwing shade at the people who dared to bad mouth her.
Whether or not she will call out JZ and the gang, only time will tell.

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