Whether it’s Damon Salvator…

Kit Walker…

That. Nose. Freckle. 😍

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…or Chuck Bass…

Everyone has their bad boy preference…

What exactly makes us so attracted to these obvious heart breakers?

I think the main reason we’re automatically drawn to the guy with the smoldering eyes, stems back to Hollywood.

The entertainment industry has an absolutely gorgeous array of men that feature in all of these amazing movies (mainly those chick flicks that you force your significant other to watch with you) and you can’t help but wish that you were making out with that lovely specimen yourself.

Everyone has their fantasies, am I right?

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Hollywood leads you to believe that the bad boy will change his ways because he loves you and at the same time fulfill your every “need”.

I mean look at Fifty Shades of Grey (more degrading than romantic) yet we find ourselves buying into the franchise.

A girl’s night out is the perfect excuse to see #FiftyShadesDarker again and again.

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Whether it’s the looks, money or intriguing persona we have all fallen for a bad boy, at least once in our lifetime.

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So, I think it’s safe to say that we just can’t help but go for the hunk that can satisfy us in bed, but take care of us too.

Everyone has their preference; gold-diggers want money, successful workaholics seem to be attracted to power and some of us are simply content watching netflix and chilling with our plus one.

It’s probably best to leave the bad boys and the heartbreaks for the movies.

– Zuhaa Isaacs

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