It’s down to the final 15 young South African leaders who are making a difference in their communities, and the world.

As the youth of South Africa, we constantly encounter a number of difficult circumstances.

However  amidst these challenges, we’re inspired by millennials who have risen above their circumstances.

We have scoured the country to identify hundreds of inspiring young local leaders. It was not easy, but we have narrowed these trendsetters down to 15 who will be recognised for making a huge impact in African communities.

“While we cannot reach all of the youth making a difference in communities across South Africa, we have selected those doing phenomenal work.

Our aim with the Young Independent Awards is to validate and support the efforts being made by the youth of South Africa in playing their part towards the upliftment of our communities,” says Saajida Francis, Editor of The Young Independents (TYI).

Now we are giving you a chance to network with these individuals so you too can be inspired by top South African leaders who have beaten the odds.

Would you like to rub shoulders with our Top 100 inspiring and aspiring leaders?

Enter your details in the form below: Hurry, because spaces are limited! Don’t fret, because we will notify you on Tuesday evening if you have been selected or not.

The Young Independents Awards will be held at the Houghton Golf Club on Wednesday, 16th August 2017 from 09:00 am – 12:00pm.

Themed “African Youth: Be your Own Liberator. We support you”, the Young Independent Awards is aimed at celebrating the efforts of youth in a society where young people are traditionally portrayed as trouble-makers.

“We want to nurture a culture of leadership among South Africa’s youth and incentivising good leadership practices which will enable us to groom the kind of leaders we want to run our country, teach our children and heal the nation” adds, Dr Iqbal Survé, Executive Chairman of Independent Media Group

Mike Ntsasa, Group Executive Public Sector and TYI Founder says, “very often, especially in South Africa, the youth tend to make headline’s mostly when they are involved causing trouble, or when there is an education crisis. We see framed images of youth in protests and violence.

Therefore, when the tide turns, the young people deserve to be recognised and celebrated for their positive influence that changes the course of history.”

The winners of The Young Independents Top 100 Award will be recognised in these five categories below:

The disruptors: Recognising young people challenging the status quo or traditional thinking with their unconventional ideas and actions.

The healers: Young medical practitioners and educators, involved with environmental work such as recycling, and NGO workers.

The influencers: Recognising young people who are influencing the actions and behaviours of brands, policies and people, and this includes government leaders, trendsetters, social media gurus, and critics.

The innovators: Celebrates young people inventing new products, and business ideas or services that are changing the way we live, work and play; this includes young people driving business or technology, scientists, architects, and chefs

The trailblazers: Recognises young people leading their field at a local, national, or even international levels. These include top sports stars, academics, scientists, and business leaders.

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