Abriella Bredell has just turned 11 and lives in St Francis Bay. 

Her dream is to swim the Robben Island Channel in December as a fundraiser for her favourite charity, The Red Cross Children’s Hospital. Her aim is to set the world record as the youngest person to take part in this event.

Abriella has been training to enter this event for the last 2 years and is “super excited, it’s happening now in December”.

She is a learner at Victory Christian School in Jeffreys Bay and has been training at Brenton’s Swim School since the tender young age of two years old.

Abriella is very competitive and loves swimming, she also enjoys competing in galas and improving on her previous times. She has an appetite for learning new experiences, keeping fit and taking care of her body, and loves that swimming plays a vital part in achieving this. This determined, inspiring young girl trains five times a week and loves the open water swimming at Marina Martinique in Jeffreys Bay.

Her ultimate goal, subsequent to following her intense training programme, is the reward of swimming the Robben Island Channel with her coach, Brenton Williams. She says that her favourite stroke is butterfly, but thinks that the first Robben Island crossing will be in freestyle.

Abriella has also recently embarked on surfing and is confident that she will cope with the chilly ocean swim at the Robben Island event.

Abriella takes pride in what she has achieved and feels extremely humbled by the donations that have come in from all over the world. She has raised an amount of R55 000 already, but she says that her wish is to raise even more, “not in a greedy way but in a way that can then help more kids!”

The provisional date for the event has been set for 29 December, but may change due to inclement weather.
By pledging, you will not only help children in need but also share in a historical sporting event as Abriella attempts to set the world record for the youngest person to take part in the Robben Island Channel swimming event. All proceeds will be paid directly to the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital.

To pledge, visit: Back a Buddy page

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