During the holidays, the norm for kids of all ages is to stay at home, eat and watch their favourite TV shows (Cool Cats on Etv, anyone?).

Getting Back into school mode means our young’uns registering that they have to rise up with the sun, prepare for school (hopefully remember to tie their shoelaces) and pay attention (or at least appear to) all day.

This sudden jolt after lazy summer days can be quite a shock, and you, mom, the bearer of this news should be ready for the “I don’t want to go to school”.

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The best technique to get your little one ready for school is to establish a set sleeping pattern. Classical conditioning allows your little one to respond to this sleeping pattern and to cooperate. Offer an exciting bed time story as a reward each night…

Changing your child’s sleeping hours might be met with resistance, and it might appear as though you enjoy ‘being a mean mom”, however it is important that you communicate with your kid and have them understand why it is necessary.

Once it becomes routine, the whole family’s sleeping patterns will soon become synchronized.

Ssshhhhh, the No. 1 secret for a young mom

Calculate your kid’s sleeping hours and the time they might need to get up and prepare for school.

Since going back to school might be overwhelming for them, add an extra hour so that you reserve it for the chaos and disruption that may occur in the mornings.

The “spare” hour will help give you more time to organise and prepare without running late on the first day of school.

When you’ve managed to get them to school on time, take a long breath of air and allow your shoulders to sag in relief. Say out loud “I did a good job. I am a good mother”. As a mother, you need reassurance too. Be kind to yourself.

Do be aware that once you leave them at school, the separation anxiety might have your child severely stressed. They might cry at school due to this new adjustment to the new environment and strangers.

Introduce yourself to the teacher and discuss the temperament and personality of your child, so that they know how to deal with your child in case they start pulling out a mad show.

Don’t forget to make the teacher aware of your kid’s particular allegies, sensitivities and ways on how to “tame” (just kidding) them.

Additionaly, this will start building relationship between your child and their teacher. Remember, “It takes a village to raise a child”.

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-Jane Folodi

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