It’s the start of a new academic year, the excitement of new beginnings is infectious today.

Schools are filled with chattering children in oversized uniforms clinging onto their parents’ hands, some running from entering the classroom doors, while some entered the new doors beaming with excitement as they made their way to the “big school” for the first time.

As many walked proudly with their backpacks, donning new hairstyles with parents snapping the precious moment, many of them didn’t know what the new journey entails or what it really means to be at a ‘big school’ but they are just excited to finally be able to wear the uniform they got over the holidays.

Picture: Oupa Mokoena

For some parents, watching the little ones put on the ‘big school’ kit was an exciting moment yet a daunting experience.

The transition from pre-school into primary school or progressing to another grade is a stage every child reaches but parents could not shy away from the emotional downside of it and the anxiety they had on behalf of their children.

The class of 2016, grade one pupils were born at the height of excitement when South Africa was hosting the Fifa World Cup in 2010.

TYI wishes all students the best for the academic year!

In case you missed all the tears, excitement and school glitz. Here’s a recap on first day drama:

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