Change is inevitable, especially on social media. For many – posting a tweet, hash-tagging an Instagram caption or updating your Facebook is frightening because of the fear of missing out a new trending term. Also, there are those who have no idea what these words and phrases all mean – so we’re here to help you get lit on the social media lingo.

The Young Independents has created Mzansi social media dictionary terms for you to refer to whenever you’re trying to keep up.

With the ever changing vocabulary we might need to regularly update the words to keep up with the trend, but for now, you can add these to your next social media post for relevance.

Shade: This refers to talking trash about a friend or aquaintance, to publicly denounce or disrespect them. When throwing shade, it’s immediately obvious to on-lookers that the thrower, and not the throwee, is the bitcy, uncool one. Try not to throw shade at us okay. That would not be cool!

Bae: Meaning baby, (not infant). It’s a term of endearment and can be used on both males and females.

Baevication: Going on vacation with your partner – who is your bae.

Slay, Slayage, Popping, and Lit can be used interchangeably. It means that you are amazing at something, beautiful and/or fashionable.
So in other words, we’d like to think that we slay out there with our content. *grin* – and we’re getting Lit with all your fantastic work out there on social media.

Woke: Being Woke means to be aware of social injustice. It also refers to the state of enlightenment because once you are woke you can’t go back.

It must be nice: This a shady compliment to someone who is fabulous.

Bye Felicia: When someone says that they’re leaving and you could really care less that they’re leaving. Their name then becomes “Felicia”, a random person that nobody is sad to see go.

What are some of your favourite social media terms? Help us get Lit!

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