As a contemporary artist whose primary medium – embroidery – is inspired by global culture, Marie-Sophie Lockhart was a dream partner for Art Freedom, a collection built on values of timeless artistry, cultural curiosity and the power of creative freedom.

The theme acts as a perfect framework to the collection itself, which brings together bold colour variations that facilitate and encourage expressive beauty.

Born in France and now based in Brooklyn, Lockhart has been championed by Drake and since then has been commissioned by some of the biggest names in pop culture, including Beyoncé, Rihanna and Miley Cyrus.

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Lockhart has also worked with the likes of Stella McCartney and Marc Jacobs. In the creation of Art Freedom, 3INA’s Creative Director, Natalie Hasseck, collaborated closely with Lockhart – drawing on a range of references from 80s club culture.

“When we were pulling together the palette for Art Freedom, we were envisaging what Club Kids in the 80s would have worn on a night out. Metallic shadow, mirror nail polishes – it’s about makeup that evokes self-empowerment, creativity and Marie-Sophie shares our passion for self-expression, creativity and global culture and, as a friend of the brand, she was the perfect person to collaborate with,” said Hasseck.

The bespoke packaging builds further on the Art Freedom theme, using designs by Lockhart that encompass a range of mixed media including paint, collage and the make-up itself.

“The Art Freedom collection is versatile with both natural, sophisticated shades and also bolder, fun colours so you can develop your look depending on how you use the products and what you want to achieve.

I love 3INA’s attitude towards beauty; I love that they are contemporary, disrupting standard beauty codes and representing a real and authentic aesthetic,” says Lockhart.

Launching alongside the collection will be interactive online portal (, created by digital creative duo DVTK. They specialise in creating digital experiences focused on playful interaction and were perfect partners for Art Freedom, a collection rooted in fun.

Exclusive to 3INA stores, Marie-Sophie Lockhart has created custom designed patches which will be given free with the purchase of two or more products from the Art Freedom collection.

– Adapted from a press release

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