Finding it difficult to stick to an exercise routine over the colder months?

Fitness guru Phindi Gule has some unusual insights – including how a bra can make or break your routine!

Weather, smeather

With the colder weather, people often hibernate or stay at home. But weather should not affect your routine. From a health point of view, exercise helps boost your immune system.

During winter people are prone to getting flu and viral infections, but experts advise that staying active consistently helps keep illnesses at bay as exercise boosts your immune system.

Mind over matter

Mentally prep yourself: tell yourself that whether it’s done early in the morning or later in the day, exercise has to be done.

There’s no such thing as perfect weather for running or exercise – it’s about discipline and dedication. Also, know why you are doing it.

If you’re exercising because it seems to be the trend, chances are that when it’s raining you’ll find an excuse not to do it. But when there’s a bigger purpose and a reason, you will stick to your routine, come rain or sunshine.

Bring your home game

These days, everything that is done at the gym can be done at home.

You can use your own body weight, for example.

Do exercises like lunges, squats, push-ups, star jumps or find some staircases and run the stairs.

If you don’t have dumbbells, people have become creative. They take two-litre bottles, fill them with water and use those as their weights!

So there are various ways of doing things, it just takes some imagination and creativity.

Most important to remember…

Don’t try to do too much too soon, especially for beginners. Just allow yourself to ease into things.

I think that’s really something that stops people from being consistent with their exercise: they try to do too much too soon and then they get tired.

Also, for women: make sure you have the right support and you’re wearing the right bra.

Chafing is one of the biggest consequences of incorrect fits. You need to see a person who specialises in bra fitment.

It may be a huge investment, but it’s important.

Shoe up

And take care that you have the right shoes – whether its for running or for gym, proper assessment before purchase is very important.

Are you a beginner? What sort of distances are you going to be running if you are running? Are you going to be using the shoes just for gym?

Most sports shops have a person who will assist you in buying the correct shoes according to what you want to be doing.

Using the wrong shoe can result in knee injury or back problems: don’t go there!

Latoya Newman