Kimberley Margarita brings horror-fantasy makeup looks to life.

This self-taught makeup artist uses professional techniques to create complete visual displays that are futuristic and sometimes ghoulish, but never without her signature sparkle and dreamy floral accents.

From vintage clown to dark sea queen, here are 5 looks for Halloween makeup inspiration with a feminine twist.

1. Ice Princess

Halloween makeup

You can never go wrong with an all-white ensemble. This frosty look is off-set with pastel pinks and purples, flowy hair and dainty floral details – the key ingredients for being the ultimate ice princess. Throw in some faux fur to complete the look.

2. Skeleton Candy

Soften up the classic skeleton costume with sweet candy colours and neon hair. You might not be the only skeleton in the room (or closet) but you’ll definitely stand out and still be as spooky as the rest.

3. Dark Sea Queen 

Halloween makeup

Emerging from the depths of the ocean doesn’t have to look as drab and depressing as it sounds – you ARE a sea queen after all. Use metallic tones and shimmery shadows on a your eyes and lips, then get creative with shells, pearls and beadwork for an extra glam factor. Tousled hair or tight curls adds depth and dimension.

4. Twisted Unicorn

Halloween makeup

Put a dark spin on this mythical creature using full white or black coloured contact lenses and create the illusion of open wounds using eye shadow or body paint. Use light tones of purple, pink and blue all over the face, and don’t forget to fashion a makeshift horn to add a whimsical effect.

5. Vintage Clown Doll

Halloween makeup

We’re sure that the creepy clown Pennywise from the new movie IT will be a popular contender for costume inspiration this year. Why not pay homage to the character with this unique vintage clown-meets-porcelain doll makeup look?

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AUTHOR Farah Khalfe