JOHANNESBURG – The sky is the limit for Young Independent, Monique Oberholzer. Born and raised in Potchefstoom, North West, the beauty moved to L.A at just 20 years to follow her dreams of being a big shot actress in Hollywood. Now 26, Monique chats to us about her Hollywood journey, her modelling career and her charity work which seeks to help bring change in South Africa.

Q: You started off as a model and competed in various competitions, namely Face of Africa and Miss SA. Tell us more about that.

A: I came second place in Face of Africa which led to me competing in various other modelling competitions where Miss SA was one of them. One of my most recent competition was ‘Queen of the Universe’ for charity, where I represented South Africa. My charity was mainly focused on illegal poaching and helping the underprivileged.

Q: From model to actress. Can you tell us about the short films that you are currently working on and when we can expect to see them on the big screen?

A: I am currently working on a feature psychological thriller. It will be screened internationally next year, since we are rapping up for production by the end of this year. I am also working on a romcom which will be filmed in South Africa as well as Los Angeles in which I will focus mainly on the differences in culture, beliefs and the crazy perceptions people have of one another.

Q: Do you find that the entertainment industry in LA is bigger and better that the South African entertainment industry?

A: The thing with the entertainment industry in L.A is that it has been around longer and they have acquired a massive following, while the South African film industry is just starting to really grow. One can never compare. I have been in various productions in LA, from Shameless, Fighting shadows, Fate, Heartsick and many more, and each time it’s a different experience.

Q: You are doing well for yourself and you have a successful acting career in L.A. Would you ever return to South Africa?

A: I will return as much I can to South Africa, not only is it my home but I think it has a massive potential for movie-making and storytelling. There are many hidden gems in SA that I would like to write about.

Q: Let’s move away from acting and talk business. What is your involvement in Spectrum Marketing?

A: Spectrum Marketing has not only been my funder for all my films. But I have also worked for them for two years where I was in charge of showcasing various theatre productions in their name, to teaching underprivileged people about the safety morals one should have in your own workshop and at home.

I hope to help people, make them aware of safety issues while teaching them to not only take care of themselves, but family members as well. Spectrum has always been there for me, not only as a funder, but also as believers in my stories. I still have ideas in which I would like to focus my attention on, later in the future. I enjoy assisting in projects that mostly focus on helping people.

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