There are certain events that occur in your life that will leave an indelible mark, forever and always. One of these events is your Matric dance.

The allure of a starry night, with goofy friends and a sweetheart by your side as you dance till the sun appears. The anticipation and preparation honestly is far more fun than the actual night.


And the budget allocated by unbudging parents doesn’t prevent the fantastical dreams that occur at night. The dreams where you arrive by hot air balloon, or in a Bentley with a famous actor/ actress by your side, to a formidable soundtrack (cue orchestra).


The possibilities of your dress, its design and colour is limitless in your dreams.


So let’s indulge a little bit by exploring the top 5 most expensive but beautiful dresses out there:

1. Calvin Klein, Pearl Gown- $1.6 million

2. Marilyn Monroe’s “Happy Birthday” dress – $1.3 Million

3. Stunning nude Armani Privé dress – Her whole look cost a whopping $18.1 million

4. Atelier Versace gown

5. Gucci organic silk tulle dress with Swarovski crystals and recycled brass embroidered cups.

Seen at the Green Carpet Fashion Awards (a project by @cameramoda in collaboration with @ecoage) in Milan #GFCAItalia: @DakotaJohnson in a Gucci organic silk tulle dress with Swarovski crystals and recycled brass embroidered cups. Swarovski crystal embroideries also featured on the straps, bodice, belt and skirt. Her organic silk tulle clutch featured a feline closure in recycled brass with lead-free metal hardware, plated with RJC-CoC certified gold while the organic silk platform shoes were made from natural cork and recycled plastic. The components were selected for their low impact and low chemical properties, using recycled metal accessories, Italian vegetable tanned soles and insoles made with FSC certified cellulose and recycled polyester yarn. Gucci creative director #AlessandroMichele wore a #GucciDIY black heritage tuxedo with ‘Spiritismo’ embroidery, AC/DC T-shirt and formal cropped evening trousers. #mfw

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