Olympic gold medalist and TYI’s Mzansi100Top2017 Trailblazer, Caster Semenya hopes to inspire and retain the dignity of girls from rural areas through her sanitary product called the ‘Princess D menstrual cup’.

The initiative was launched in 2016 at Semenya’s former school, Nthema Secondary School in Fairlie village, Moletjie.

In some townships and rural communities, girls can miss up to seven days of school per month, due to their periods.

Some girls who can’t afford sanitary products end up using unhealthy substitutes like socks, tissues and rags. This causes immense discomfort as these products do not have the capacity to hold their menstruation.

This year, Semenya has co-partnered with Shamila Ramjawan, founder of FamRam Solutions, to mitigate this issue with their sanitary product, the Princess D menstrual cup.

Semenya encourages women to use the product because:

1. It is an alternative sanitary product which is made from hypoallergenic medical grade silicone.

2. The materials are eco-friendly (does not add to landfill).

3. Cost-effective

4. Reusable

5. Hygienic (no toxins, bleaches or absorbing gels/chemicals).

6. It provides leak-free protection for up to 12 hours at a time and is re-usable for 10 years.

Semenya would like to freely donate hundreds of Princess D menstrual cups to disadvantaged rural girls and welcomes donations.

More and more people, as well as companies are joining hands to help Semenya on her quest. Companies already sponsoring Princess D cups include Anglo American, Nashua, Boston College and Kalapeng Pharmacies which is the largest black-owned pharmacy group in South Africa.

Did you know?

Menstrual cups date back to the 1930’s with American actress Leona Chalmers who patented and produced the first reusable menstrual cup which was made from latex rubber.

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