Summer is the best way to show of your curves and hide the unflattering areas as well without layering.

The Maxi dress is defiantly a must have item, it’s comfortable and easy to rock , you can dress it up or down they’re surprisingly versatile too.

You can wear it to a fancy dinner party, cocktail evening, of even to those outdoor events invites lined up and playful weekend celebrations.

The nice thing about the dress is that you can take your maxi dresses from last season and still look trendy and current.

So, we’ve made it one of our summer style missions to show you how to turn heads while flaunting a long dress. 


Off-the-shoulder has no straps or fastening on the shoulders, it give you a chick cool look, so you effortlessly look great in any occasion when your are wearing this dress. It works perfectly well with most body types.

Available: Woolworths

Strapless Maxi Dresses

Strapless Maxi Dresses, are for all those who want to show of their upper body, with wide shoulders. You might want to stay away from them if you are not comfortable with boob-tube


Flowing/ Tent dress

Free Flowing/ Tent dress he fabric flows from the shoulders in an A-line format without cinching at the waist. It can work perfectly for the get up and go or lazy day look. It perfect for all body types but it might add more weight to fully-figured ladies.

Available:lee_bex R400 

Pencil Style

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Pencil maxi dress are form-fitting from the shoulders to the hem, they would work perfectly for going to windy areas as they do not flow with the wind. So you want to choose them for those hot days that have a lil bit of wind.


Solid Colors

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Solid colors are your best bet, as this will give you a long, continuous line from top to bottom. Choosing a colour that compliments your skin colour is advantages and it will make your skin glow.

Available: Woolworths


Dresses with Slits

Maxi Dresses with Slits will give you an opportunity to show off your leg game, and if you have gorgeous long leg this dress might be the way to go because the focus will be on the little you are showing off.


If you have a interesting accessories take a simple maxi dress Avoid flip-flops by adding strappy sandals instead Bring chic to class with a sneakers
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