PROMINENT #FeesMustFall, ANC and Sasco activist Mcebo Dlamini will join a group of EFF protesters at the Durban Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday, to demand the release of EFF student leader who had been in prison for more than two months. 

The protesters would be demanding the release of EFF and Durban University of Technology #FeesMustFall leader Bonginkosi Khanyile, who had been in police detention for 70 days without bail.

He was arrested in September, and charged with committing public violence, possession of explosives and assaulting police officers.

Dlamini, who is the former president of the SRC at Wits University, shot to fame when he was denied bail and spent 37 days in prison for leading campaigns for free higher education.

“I am coming there to show support, not to actually to steal his limelight because it is about him and it must remain about him,” he said.

He told The Independent Media yesterday that although he was an ANC member “in good standing” and had no plan to leave the ruling party, he would protest in Durban along with his EFF Student Command counterparts.

Dlamini said he did not need permission from either his party, the ANC or Sasco because I would be participating “in my capacity as Mcebo Freedom Dlamini, one of the leaders of the #FeesMustFall”. 

“I am failing to understand as to why I should seek permission from other student movements,” he said.

Dlamini said he felt pain for Khanyile who was going through the worse than “what I went through”.  

“My stay in prison was not even a fraction of what the young man has stayed in prison. 

It is depressing, and I can only imagine what he is going through. I think of his family because the most people who bear the most pain is the family,” he said.

Dlamini denied allegations that he would leave the ANC for EFF. 

“There is no way I can join the EFF, but as students we have identified a common enemy or a course that needs to be fought regardless of party affiliation. 

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“It is a course that need us to unit and put down the political peps and identify ourselves as South African youth for us to achieve the goal,” he said.

EFF leaders at the DUT were excited about the news that Dlamini, who they regard as the face of the #feesmustfall campaign, would join them.

“He had not joined the EFF, as a fighter he relates more with the EFF,” said one of the EFF members during a press conference yesterday to announce #FreeBongankosiKhanyile campaign.

EFF chairman at DUT Gazuzu Nduli said President Jacob Zuma should intervene to protect students from being arrested for participating in the protests.

“How does he (Zuma) sleep at night while an innocent student has spent more than 69 days in jail? 

“We are appealing to your consciousness if you still have one,” said Nduli.

Written by Bongani Hans 

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