How does botox work?

Botox works without visibly wounding the skin and has quickly gained popularity in SA and the rest of the world. However, it is vital to know exactly what you are getting yourself into.

Dr Carmen Wilsenach, the Aesthetic and Cosmetic Dentist at The Cosmetic and Dental Emporium’s (CDE) Bryanston branch, busts eight myths about Botox to educate our market on one of the biggest and fastest growing beauty trends.

1. Botox injections are toxic to the body

Botox is a purified protein derived from botulinum toxin and a finished medical prescription product proven to be very safe through extensive research and testing. The precise and pinpoint administration into a specific muscle or group of muscles, at very low concentrations, reduces the spread to unwanted areas. Any medication or drug that is administered improperly can be potentially dangerous.

2. Botox injections are painful, and have unpleasant sensations

A Botox injection is quick, simple and has been described to feel like a mosquito bite. The side effects are minor and temporary with little or no recovery time needed. Most common side effects include tenderness, swelling, redness and bruising. No anaesthetic is required for the treatment and one can resume normal activities immediately.

3. You should wait until you are 30-something to get a Botox injection

Botox injections can be administered to persons over the age of 18, providing there is a real need for the treatment. Botox injections are an excellent option during a person’s younger years and has been seen more as a preventative treatment for the development of deep lines and wrinkles. Get ahead of the game, it may help you in the long run.

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4. Botox will give me a ‘frozen’ or expressionless look

Frozen’ or expressionless look usually is a result of overdosage of Botox unit injection. An experienced injector would know how many Botox units to inject so that you will look natural and not ‘frozen’.

It is the desired result to have Botox injections looking natural and not overdone, avoiding the unwanted  ‘frozen’ appearance. When administered in the correct amounts normal facial expressions can still be made. Botox reduces muscle activity but does not radically change it. Botox is there to enhance ones natural appearance.

how does botox work

5. Botox can erase all my wrinkles

There are two types of wrinkles: Dynamic wrinkles are wrinkles developed from facial muscular movement and static wrinkles that are a result of aging and sun exposure. Botox treats dynamic wrinkles by relaxing the muscle thus improving the appearance of these wrinkles. Static wrinkles on the other hand do not respond to Botox.

6. If you stop getting Botox, it will make you look older

If you decide to stop having Botox injections your muscles will lose the muscle relaxing affect and simply go back to the way they functioned prior to treatment. Once these muscles are fully active, wrinkles and lines will gradually return. The treatment affectively improves your appearance for three to four months. No damage to muscles takes place.

7. Botox is addictive

No addictive properties are reported to be in a Botox solution, thus there is no potential to make an individual physically addicted to the drug.

AUTHOR: Dr Carmen Wilsenach