JOHANNESBURG – Unless you want to (figuratively) die or get burned in front of your friends, a woman’s handbag is her pride and joy and something you don’t want to touch.

A woman’s handbag is their most prized and private possession, but the big question is why? What makes a woman’s handbag so sacred? So many questions. Unfortunately, questions such as these can’t really be answered, ever.

Women hold many miscellaneous items inside this black hole they call a handbag, which most of the time it’s never really organised. We have a solution to both keeping it organised and some of the mysterious items found inside the black hole.

Some of the weird, but also very true items you could find in a handbag including a nail clipper and nail file, a complete (or empty) roll of toilet paper, a plastic bag filled with dirt inside the bag (yes, you read right) and TV remotes (kids get real naughty).

The simplest way to a handbag organised and free from getting pricked, stabbed or cut by sharp objects:

1. Limit the number of items you keep in your handbag. You don’t want your handbag straps to break or the bag to explode at the bottom.

2. Do spring cleaning at least once or twice a week as you’ll be surprised how quickly dirt just piles up.

3. Always place your sanitary towels or tampons in its own zipper space or pouch, these things need to remain clear of dirt for sanitary reasons. Leaving them laying around inside your bag exposes it to dirt and all sorts of nasty germs you do no want to be infected with.

4. Never leave tissues wondering in your bag. To keep them neat, place them in a tiny bag or just buy the pocket tissues (these things get so messy inside).

5. Never, never, ever keep sweets and chocolates inside your bag, women tend to forget they even exist once placed inside the handbag. They melt and somehow open up and stick to everything!

6. Fruits are a no-go too. They rot a lot faster inside the handbag due to the warm temperature inside the bag and bananas have the reputation for bruising quite easily. Besides, no one likes a banana-flavoured handbag.

So there you go, try to follow these easy steps to a safer and cleaner bag.

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