JOHANNESBURG – When women wear pants, it generally doesn’t mean they aren’t feminine. The same applies for when they opt for sneakers rather than heels and research shows that there are more women who’d rather strut their stuff in some comfy trainers than in heels.

The reason? Well, heels are look amazing and all, but one can not simply deny the sheer pain they put women’s feet through. Think of that lovely gal you saw in the street the other day. She could’ve been slaying, but her “Gosh, f*#k heels! I’m in so much agony!” walk had you feeling sorry for her and thanking God you were in your comfy sneakers.

Point is that it seems as though women have come to the same conclusion. A new study from consumer analyst, Mintel, shows that for the first time ever, women have been buying more trainers than heels over the past year.

The study also shows that 59% of female footwear buyers prefer to wear flats, compared to the 12% who preferred a heel and further reveals that in the past year, 37% of women purchased trainers, compared to 33% who bought heels.

Unlike last year, where heels and trainers were both at 35%, showing an increase in trainer and a decrease in heel purchase.

So, which one are you? A sneakers chick? Or is it heels all the way?

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