As the weather starts to heat up, so too does our makeup begin to slide down our face, despite primers, powders and all sorts of efforts at stopping this.

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But you need not be constantly touching up your face in the sweltering summer heat, thanks to these simple tricks.

Beauty experts on Reddit recently came together to share their tips for making your makeup last all day – from soaking your Beautyblender in setting spray to applying powder before foundation.

1. Shave your face

Popular with bloggers including Chloe Morello and Huda Kattan, shaving your face has hit the mainstream in recent years, with many promising that removing any fuzz helps hugely to smooth out a complexion.

‘Derma-planing and Reviva Labs rose water facial toner. Godsends,’ one user posted.

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Experts claim that shaving your face allows the makeup to sit on your face better – meaning it both looks improved and lasts longer.

2. Soak your Beauty blender with setting spray

Beautyblenders are a must-have for bloggers, who say they help to distribute an even spread of product when applying foundation. 

But a Beautyblender sponge alone will not mean your product lasts for a long period of time.

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‘Dampen your beauty blender with a few sprays of setting spray rather than using water [is a good idea],’ one person posted.

3. Don’t powder oily spots

It sounds counter-intuitive, but according to one experienced Redditor, powdering the oily areas of your face actually doesn’t help in making your face look less oily.

‘It seems counter productive, but for me it’s not powdering any of the areas I get oily in,’ one person posted. ‘The reason for this is that I like to have natural, dewy foundations and setting ruins the finish.’

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Adding that when she powders her oily areas like her nose it causes breakouts, the woman said she instead just dabs on an extra bit of foundation with her sponge – which gives a smooth and long-lasting finish, without the pimples.  

4. Apply powder before foundation

Another surprising tip is to apply your powder before you put on your foundation.

‘I dust a little translucent powder on my face before foundation. It helps the foundation go on smoother, and it extends the wear time,’ one user posted. 

5. Use setting spray before foundation

In a similar vein, another user said she will spray her Urban Decay All Night setting spray ‘BEFORE my foundation’.

‘My foundation holds better, there’s a barrier between the foundation and my skin (especially with acne), so my skin feels healthier, and my pores are less noticeable.’ 

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She added that it acts like a primer.  You can also mix your foundation and setting spray before application, or your glittery eyeshadow with setting spray.

6. Use lip pencil before lipstick

This is an old tip but a good tip, with one user saying it’s useful to invest in a lip pencil if you want your lipstick to last.

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‘Colour in your lips in with a red lip pencil before putting on red lipstick,’ they posted.

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