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Veganism is regarded by some as one of the biggest foodie trends of 2017 and 2018.

However, for dedicated vegans, it’s not a passing fad but rather a compassionate lifestyle choice.

Instead of jumping on the #veganuary bandwagon, long-term vegans can imagine no other way of eating. Celebrities who endorse the plant-based diet, such as Miley Cyrus, Ariana Grande and Liam Hemsworth, to name a few, cite ethical, health and environmental concerns as the reason for the switch, while famous vegan athletes prove that you can live an active lifestyle without relying on animal products to fuel you.

Ariana Grande has said she is a firm believer in “eating a full plant-based, whole food diet that can expand your life length and make you an all-around happier person”.

However, it’s not only vegan celebrities that attract fans. High profile vegan influencers draw in thousands of likes (and thousands more rumbling bellies) with their artfully posed food and easy to follow recipes. Here are our top picks of Instagram accounts, from four different continents and all types of lifestyles, that are doing big things in the vegan world:



This Australian influencer promotes peace and love through social media. With thoughtful musings on gratitude, sustainability, and loss, all told with infectious enthusiasm, Jade’s feed is a joy to look through.

vegan instagrams



This American vegan chef, author, and blogger gives fabulous recipes and nutrition tips for how to transition to and maintain a healthy vegan diet. You KNOW someone is legit when they’re featured in the New York Times! Jenné’s Instagram is a staple for any self-respecting vegan.

vegan instagrams

Jose’s colorful, otherworldly creations could qualify as actual art. From festive snowman smoothie bowls to a crazily accurate representation of Van Gogh’s Starry Night on toast, all of us at Magenta are wondering – how much food coloring does he go through?!

vegan instagrams



Steph’s hilarious, personal and thoughtful stories made us fall in love with her account, although the beautiful shots of vegan ice cream and donuts didn’t hurt! Her contagious smile and enthusiasm for life (and vegan chocolate cake) are good reminders that the vegan life is the opposite of restricting.

vegan instagrams



Positivity streams through Nina’s feed as she details the physical and mental benefits to a plant-based diet. After struggling with an eating disorder, she promotes self-love and self-care above all.

vegan instagrams



By using whole foods to make everything from traditional Ghanian dishes to sushi, Afia creates ambitious vegan meals that are anything but boring. Her friendly captions and vibrant feed have us craving her creations.

vegan instagrams



Gaz is a bit of a vegan celebrity. Although he trained to be a professional chef, he now uses his cooking knowledge to whip up gourmet vegan food that’s a cut above your average smoothie bowl and quinoa salad – be sure to try the mac and cheese with coconut bacon or the sticky bbq “ribs”.

vegan instagrams



Originally from Canada, Andy showcases the natural beauty of her new home Hawaii, along with scrumptious looking salad bowls and adorable shots of her tow-headed (also happily vegan) kids. With inspiring captions full of advice for living a plant-based life, Andy’s account is a must-follow for any aspiring vegan.

vegan instagrams



Local girl Leozette Roode captures our hearts (and our appetites) with her easy recipes and can-do attitude. Although a traditional South African diet is meat-rich, she proves that you can still enjoy a good braai without the animal products. Plus, she uses our favorite meat replacement Fry Family Food!

vegan instagrams



We had to put this account at at the end because Caroline’s aesthetically pleasing feed and heartfelt captions sum up everything we were looking for in vegan Instagram inspiration. With simple, yummy recipes, great nutrition advice and thought-provoking reflections, what’s not to love?

vegan instagrams


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AUTHOR: Nina Duffy