Three out of five women would happily rival the bride by wearing white.

Once considered the ultimate fashion crime, more women are following in the footsteps of supermodel Kate Moss, who allowed her 15 bridesmaids to wear white dresses.

Despite this trend, wearing white as a guest is fourth in the list of clangers you can make at a wedding, says a survey.

Top is still the embarrassing best man’s speech, followed by getting drunk or having a dalliance with the bridesmaid.

And while seven out of ten brides found wedding planning stressful, guests fret too.

Two-fifths of women admit the big day would be ruined if they showed up in the same outfit as someone else, with a third of those worrying the other guest would look better.

It would be such a big issue for one in five that they would avoid being photographed with their outfit twin, it was found.

The rise of the Instagram photo-sharing network and other social media sites leaves a fifth of Britons too embarrassed to wear an outfit more than once with half buying a new one for each wedding.

The survey was carried out by Asda’s clothing brand George.

A spokesperson said: “The trend for all-white dress codes is sure to ruffle a few feathers. There is definitely pressure among wedding guests to look their best, so it is no surprise that so many women surveyed were mortified at the thought of wearing the same outfit as someone else.”

Daily Mail