The off-the-shoulder look is the perfect way to emphasize your beautiful neck and shoulders. (Also it’s a clever way to hide your armpits on a first date, to avoid the possibility of armpit stains…) 

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1. The aim is to show off your shoulders, pull this look off by wearing a strapless bra. Never go the no bra route, simply because the material might be light and flimsy and could be see through. Whilst standing in sunlight, you might find too much being exposed. 
2. Pair an off-the-shoulder blouse with a statement maxi skirt for a edgy and alternative look. 
3. Match perfectly with a pair of stiletto’s. Try this look with denim skinny jeans to channel a beautiful winter style.  
4. Pair an off-the-shoulder with a tight mini skirt, which provides the perfect contrast between loose and baggy.
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5. On a warm summer evening, opt for a short, flirty, off-the-shoulder dress.  
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6. Try a bell-sleeved off the shoulder top which will help emphasize your tan and your figure. Wear a statement patterned top and pair it with simple white shorts and kitten heels. 
7. For an elegant and sophisticated look, try a monochrome style consisting of black cigarette trousers and black sandals.

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