Living in a small apartment has its perks but it can also feel a little cramped due to limited space.

Small apartments are cosy and perfect for those that cannot afford to splurge on accommodation.

However, there are some clever ways one can transform their space into a more spacious home.

5 Ways to make your apartment look bigger

From adding a splash of colour or investing in some multifunctional pieces of furniture for your space, there are ways to make a small apartment look and feel more bigger.

Here are 5 ways you can make your small space feel more spacious, whilst also incorporating some of this year’s interior trends.

Invest in multifunctional furniture

Whilst many of us are back working from home, having multifunctional furniture in your space will allow you to add a workstation to the room, ensuring accessibility, comfort and purpose.

Invest in multi-functional furniture pieces. For example, a table that can function as a desk and dressing table, or under-bed storage that can be used to clear away any clutter lying around.

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Having compact ways of storing and working will make a huge difference and help declutter your space.

Bring the outdoors in

The cold weather outside sometimes stops us from going out and getting fresh air. However, bringing nature into a space can significantly boost your mood.

There will be a continuation of the interest in outdoor spaces in 2022, especially for flats and homes without outdoor space. Therefore, try to bring the outside in by adding indoor plants or starting a herb garden.

The humble house plant is one of the hottest home accessories at the moment. Not only are they trendy, but they have significant health benefits. By fighting off toxins in the air they help reduce blood pressure, fight fatigue and decrease coughing.

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One of the most popular plants across the UK during the last lockdown was the snake plant. High CO2 levels can affect our cognitive skills and productivity; however, this plant’s ability to absorb CO2 effectively can significantly increase workflow – not to mention it looks beautiful.

Create bright lighting

Bright lighting is key to creating an inviting space and there’s no better light to take advantage of than sunlight.

However, for those living in studio apartments, natural lighting isn’t always an option. But, not to worry, as there are ways you can create the illusion of more natural light in your room – from mirrors to houseplants.

First, ensure that any of the windows you do have aren’t obstructed, whether it be picture frames on the window sill or furniture blocking the way. Try letting in as much natural light as you can.

Then, think about adding some mirrors to your space, as adding them to your wall will help bounce the light around a room.

You can also experiment with artificial lighting, by adding full-spectrum light bulbs that are actually designed to simulate daylight! This will help with the light fixtures in your space.

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Add a splash of earthy colours

The colours in your home should reflect you, but you also may want to consider colours that can reflect natural life and create warmth and comfort.

Opt for light pastel colours such as pale pinks and citrus lemons that will lift your mood but also avoid omitting heat. Generally, lighter colours best reflect light and so create the appearance of space, whilst darker colours, decorative wallpapers and patterned fabrics shrink space and absorb light.

Understandably, many of those renting apartments aren’t able to paint their walls.

However, investing in some cushions or wall-hangings in these colours will instantly make all the difference.

Even a simple throw in a blue-green or sage colour will reflect natural light incredibly well.

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Candles and Essential Oils are a must!

Whether it is summer or winter, expect to add another oil diffuser to your room, as it will smell incredible and, depending on scent, help you drift off to sleep.

Adding a diffuser with essential oils to a bedroom is a great way to stay on-trend and find a little time for winding down in the evening.

Let’s also not forget scented candles, which have been used for centuries in all manner of rituals, proven to help to reduce some feelings of anxiety.

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Tips are from the rental apartment brand Essential Living.

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