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It’s true, some people really CAN eat whatever they want without worrying about their waistline.

For most of us who have a sweet tooth, we often live in fear of piling on the kilos in moments of weakness.

However, millions of people carrying a special variation of a specific gene which makes them more likely to enjoy sugary treats, may actually have less body fat than average.

The A’ version of the FGF21 gene gives about one in five of us a sweet tooth. And now a study of around 450,000 Britons has found those with two copies of the genetic variant are slimmer than might be expected.

Those affected had 0.2 % less body fat than others, according to the study led by the University of Exeter.

diet tips

Image: Rakicevic Nenad/Unsplash

Scientists think the unexpected results may be explained by people who eat more sugary snacks spending less time eating protein and fat, ultimately keeping them slimmer rather than putting on weight as would normally be expected. While nutritionists warn against eating too much sugar, experts believe it is protein and fat that make us more likely to put on weight.

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The research, published in journal Cell Reports, analysed more than 450,000 participants from the UK Biobank, which contains medical data on 500,000 people in Britain.

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