JOHANNESBURG – Today marks International Talk Like a Pirate Day. This day has been observed on September 19 every year since 2002, for the young and playful at heart who still carry aspirations to sail the seven seas one day. However, in order to be a pirate one must know how to speak like a pirate so prepare your harshest growling voice for a breakdown of the most essential pirate talk to address your mateys.

1. “Belay that!” – This is to exclaim for someone to stop an order what they’ve been instructed to do immediately.

2. “Davy Jones Locker” – This phrase references the resting place of drowned pirates and sailors who’ve died at sea and ships that have suffered shipwrecks.

3. “Drink up me hearties yo ho” – Tell this to your crew to when it’s time to drink until their hearts contend and get soaked with all that good ol’ rrrum.

4. “Aye” – This term is used to show agreement and to say yes!

5. “Parlay” – An agreement or discussion between two disputing pirate factions. It also provides temporary protection for when a captive is negotiating their terms to the captain.

6. “On deck you scabrous dogs” – The phrase used to call to order your scabby, scruffy and despicable-looking loyal crew to work the deck.

7. “Arrrrg” – Probably the most famous growl that a pirate scallywag can make when angry or expressing frustration.

“The problem is not the problem, the problem is your attitude about the problem.” – Jack Sparrow

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