CAPE TOWN – Travel is as popular as ever in 2016 and subsequently the way travellers choose their holidays is also changing.

Here’s the top list of 2016 travel trends.

1. Travel apps

With the advent of Snapchat, the way millennials and thirty-somethings are documenting their life has changed. Social media and communication apps have changed the way we travel too. Many companies are adding different social media channels to their website (Jenman African Safaris have started their own Instagram account this year!). And there are now apps available for tracking your hike, organising your pre-trip packing and inspiring your itinerary.

2. Wellness getaways

As people are more aware of digital burn out, the priority for rejuvenating holidays is on the rise. Travel consultants have seen an increase in clients booking spa treatments and holidays that focus on rejuvenation and relaxation.

3. Travel with ease

Travel ease has to be carefully with security – so it’s a trend that will always be changing according to the political situation. Tourists who obtain a visa prior to travelling continues to decline and is at its lowest level ever (according to UNWTO’s latest Visa Openness Report).

4. Unique, personalised tours

More personalised experiences are becoming more popular for tourists. Exploring like a local with a local guide offers a bespoke, curated tour experience that’s authentic. First-time visitors are interested in visiting the homestead, going into the township, eating, drinking local, homemade food – and staying away from the mass-tourism places.


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