JOHANNESBURG – Ah yes, the ever great social media conversation. It can be a great platform as it enables us to upload pictures or videos, add some quirky captions or filters, put our opinions out there, share and receive information all while getting a ton of likes.

It’s safe to say that a world without social media is unimaginable at this point. However, like most things in life, there are negative effects that social media has on people, and here are five that you can look out for.


The anonymity that social media gives people, opens up the door for bullies to spread negativity, and worse, gain the attention of other cyber bullies.

Lack of productivity

In today’s digital world, people have access to social media all the time. Which is why instead of finishing your assignment or that report that’s due in an hour, you are on Facebook liking a picture of your friend’s breakfast.

Selling lies

Ever noticed how most people will never put up a post that reads: “Went to bed on an empty stomach last night because I can’t afford groceries at the moment. #Hungry.” That is because people have used social media as a “My life is better than yours” platform, which is not always true.

Lots of exposure to pornography

Regardless of internet filters, porn can be discovered on any social media site, intentionally or unintentionally. Keep in mind that children as young as 10 use social media, meaning that they can easily be exposed to such content at such a young age.

A false sense of connection

According to Cornell University’s Steven Strogatz, social media sites can make it more difficult for people to discern between the meaningful relationships they foster in the real world versus the casual relationships they have on social media. The time people spend investing in these meaningless relationships weakens the most important connections.

Whether you have done these things or have been a victim of them, try to be more wary of your actions on social media as they have an impact on others one way or another.

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