Meet Celebrity chef, blogger and TV Host, Nti Ramaboa.

Chef Nti, as she is known in the industry has a flair for food and fashion giving her full influencer bragging rights as our favourite Bistro Queen!

The talented beauty stars in ‘The Perfect Ace’, a cooking show on eTV where she goes out to homes and helps people solve their cooking problems based on their budgets and ingredients.


Chef Nti loves to serve up dished using pap as in inspiration: “I’ve made pap quiches, gnocchi, pizza and so forth. Maize meal is the same grain as the Italian polenta and one could treat it the same way one does, potato and pasta!”

In 2015 Chef Nti was chosen to design the menu for Flying Fish Beer at the Durban July which ended up being a huge success! She also worked closely with Danone: “I was hired as part of their marketing campaign to encourage their clients to engage with their product differently!”

When she’s not busy cooking up a storm in the kitchen, you will spot her on the social scene looking glamorously styled to perfection.

chef nti foodie

She even took her love for fashion a step further by starting her own apron-line, because who doesn’t want to look good while cooking?

Live out your truth! It takes a lot of courage. In my experience life became more beautiful when I embraced all of me. CHEF NTI

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AUTHOR: Annette de Wet


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