The second installment in the Fifty Shades movie series is out – and so’s the jury.

Frankly, the opinion on the movies (and the books!) is divided roughly down the middle. No pun intended. Some of us love it.

Some of us … not so much.

But, love it or hate it, it’s hard not to be charmed by a series that has brought so much life to the world.

No, I’m not being ironic.

Smoking Hot Smoking Gun

You see, in the most recent Graham Norton interview, lead actor Jamie Dornan confirmed that the Fifty Shades series has been responsible for the biggest baby boom in four decades.

Britain’s Evening Standard also backed the report, showing that we’re in the middle of a baby boom that started with the release of the first book in 2013, and seems to peak just nine months after the release of each successive movie.

Huh. We don’t think that’s a coincidence.

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At least now you have proof that that IS what all your friends have been reading so covertly on their kindles.

Baby Making Movie

The show took an unusually sweet turn when Dornan described being cornered in an elevator by an ecstatic fan, who told him her story.

She and her husband had been battling to conceive for years, but after watching the first Fifty Shades move, they now have a baby of their own.

That really is a wonderful story (although we kinda wonder if maybe they weren’t doing it right before? You know, those scenes are pretty graphic – ahem, I mean instructional. Obviously.)

That got us thinking … after all, at least part of the fun when it comes to sex is the fact that you get a chance to make a new life with someone.

But when that’s what you’re doing it for, and it’s not working out the way you hoped, it can be a little discouraging.
There are a lot of reasons why a couple might battle to conceive.

Other articles and, frankly, whole libraries of books have been written on the subject.

That’s not what we’re here to chat about today.

Getting Your Groove Back

But we’ve noticed an interesting trend in our store lately, and we suspect it might be related to both the Fifty Shades craze, and the baby boom taking the western world by storm at the moment.

People are searching for Kegel balls. Like, a lot.

As we’ve already covered in one of our Q&A’s, Kegel balls can do wonders for pregnancy:

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A lot of gynaecologists recommend using Kegel balls before and during pregnancy to strengthen the pelvic floor.

Strong PC muscles will help you feel more comfortable towards your due date and will lessen your chance of developing incontinence when the growing foetus presses against your bladder.

Conditioned muscles also make a vaginal birth easier by making contractions more productive, and with strengthened muscles, it’s also more likely your perineum will stay intact (fewer tears and episiotomies). Kegel exercises are ideal for restoring your pelvic muscles after childbirth.

Choose your fave from our range of Kegel exercise options.

It’s not entirely clear whether Kegel exercises improve conception. On the other hand, Kegel exercises improve muscle tone.

This helps with:

Shorter labour

More efficient labour

Less chance of tears to the perineum (Ouchy!)

Less chance of developing incontinence during pregnancy (that seems like reason enough to do them, frankly!)

We don’t think toned muscles are ever a bad idea – even if you can’t actually see the muscles.

But the best part of toned Kegels, in our opinion, is the supercharge you’ll add to your orgasms … and maybe that is the real reason for the baby boom.

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