Sometimes, when couples ‘fish in the same pond’ for long enough, they might try and spice things up a bit and attempt to use ‘the back entrance.’

If you’re 12 and my euphemism is confusing you, I’m talking about anal sex.

Secondly, stop reading this, dude, you’re 12!

For you guys/girls out there who are all “OMG, I’m such a freak for wanting to try this. What am I even doing?”

Allow me to: play you a song on the world’s smallest violin; and unapologetically stick a needle in that bubble of yours.


It’s a commonplace thing to try in the bedroom (or elsewhere, I don’t judge). Many are doing it, and some are even finding it enjoyable… I think. Of course, it does come with its fair share of issues.

So, I’ve outlined a few of them (graphic content warning), and gathered responses from the experienced voice, Cindy Pierce, and an anonymous younger person who hasn’t tried i.

1. Is the pain part of why people want to do anal?

Inexperienced millennial (IM): I do think that people do get a certain adrenaline rush, that you won’t get from skydiving, out of the pain.

Cindy Pierce (CP): Despite what many have been told, anal sex doesn’t have to be uncomfortable, and is completely painless if done the right way. While some people do get off on experiencing pain during sex, I don’t think this is why people indulge in anal in the first place.

2. How can you stay as hygienic as possible?

IM: Take a sh*t to empty the cave and definitely a solid shower with Dettol. That should do it.

CP: As with every other type of sex out there, hygiene is always important and you should keep clean no matter what.

3. It’s a really popular thing. Why?

IM: People feel the need to be ‘different’ or ‘freaky’ in the sheets, because you can’t act like that in the streets (bars). So they come to the conclusion that two holes is just a product of a bland society, and adding a third to the mix is just sooo meta.

CP: It has grown in popularity over the years due to the distinct type of pleasure it brings and because it is forbidden in many cultures, certain people may try it out just to see why.

4. Could it be considered as being reserved for “sexual veterans”?

IM: Nah, anyone can try it. They just have to make sure the kegel (sphincter) pressure doesn’t end their porn actor dreams.

CP: Don’t let the old folks fool you – anal sex isn’t just for OGs in the game and you should partake in it whenever you and your partner are comfortable and in the mood.

5. Can it be performed by intimate couples as well as casual lovers?

IM: Of course it can, everyone has their niches, be it for fun or for love. It all depends on the parties involved.

CP: You don’t have to necessarily be part of a couple to get some backdoor action, as casual encounters can also signal the perfect opportunity to make it do what it does. Before engaging in anal sex, try and take a shower. Get your partner involved as a warm-up to sexy time and keep it playful. Get a good water-based lube ready and take it slow, inserting a finger or two before going all in. And remember, communication is key so listen to your partner and respond accordingly.

Well, there you have it. If you’ve been looking to spice up your love life, it’s always a good idea to have some advice as back up.

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