Most men prefer a woman’s natural scent over excessive perfume during intimate relations in the bedroom.

The survey, conducted by Victoria Milan, a dating website for married and attached people looking to engage in an affair, also found that many women prefer to inhale their lover’s natural scent.

According to the research, 62.1 percent of men and 53.3 percent of women want their lover au naturel between the sheets.

It questioned 5807 people enjoying extramarital affairs from 10 countries – Spain, Belgium, France, US, Poland, Holland, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway – to discover their preferences when it comes to the smell of their lover.

Founder and chief of Victoria Milan Sigurd Vedal said although perfume is often an extension of someone’s personality, lovers still want their partners to smell natural.

“There’s no doubt that perfume is what initially attracts lovers to each other, and now we’ve discovered that between the sheets, lovers want each other bare, completely natural.”

In terms of nationalities, men and women in Denmark voted strongly for having a natural-smelling lover, with 64.3 percent of women and 58.6 percent of men saying perfume has no place in the boudoir.

Swedish women, on the other hand, could go both ways, with a close vote in favour of men wearing a scent in bed, which came in at 51 percent. Norwegian women are similarly split, with 51.9 percent agreeing that a man who comes to bed wearing cologne is hotter.

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Spanish women feel more strongly in favour of sexy perfumes, with 56 percent preferring it.

Women from France, Swe- den, Belgium, Spain, Norway, Poland and the Netherlands prefer to smell cologne during these hot moments.

The majority of those surveyed agreed that flowery scents suit women and sporty perfumes are perfect for the gents.

But Vedal warned that a change of scent for partners could be problematic.

“We don’t want to give away any secrets, but if your husband or wife either stops wearing perfume or changes their ‘signature scent’, that’s a good indication that someone has told them they smell better without it – and that probably happened while they were having wild, passionate sex,” he hinted.

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