Going for a guy’s crown jewels will obviously work wonders for his arousal, but to strike orgasmic gold, take a detour to his body’s less well-known erogenous zones.


You’ll often hear that the ears are erogenous zones because they’re packed with nerve endings, but they have fewer than many body parts. This is partly what makes them so erotic – they can be nibbled, sucked, bitten or chewed without causing much, if any, pain. Men also respond hugely to sound. In a study by the University of Albany in the US, men rated moaning as one of the top best-kiss-making factors – it is, after all, a sure sign that you’re turned on.


Shoulder size is one of the main physical differences between the sexes and for this reason it’s an area he likes to have touched; doing so reminds him of his masculinity. The shoulders aren’t particularly sensitive, so be firm with them. Grab them tightly to give yourself leverage during sex, and kiss and bite them. Or take a softer approach with them to get him in the mood. Tension is an antidote for arousal, and it’s common for men – particularly desk-bound ones – to experience extreme tightness in their shoulders and neck. Giving him a massage when he comes home will get him in the mood for proving how manly he is in the sack.


Whether he’s hairy or smooth, your man’s chest is a worth lingering on when journeying down to his penis. If your man’s hairy, play with the tufts, gently tugging on them to activate his nerve endings. Swirl your fingers around in ever-decreasing circles towards his supersensitive nipples before diving in with your mouth. If your man’s a hairless wonder, really go to town on him with your tongue. Starting at the sensitive sides of his chest, use big ice cream-style licks on his skin, working inwards to his nipples, eventually using just the tip of your tongue. Then blow on his wet nipple – this will make the moisture evaporate, sending zingy sensations across his tip. When playing with his nipples, avoid firm sucking and biting, as they’re incredibly sensitive, and reserve rougher play for the color.


For the most obvious erogenous zone on his body, try something a little different, called The Lemon Squeeze. Place a well-lubed palm on the head of his penis, letting your fingers fall around the top of the shaft, then twist and turn with mild pressure, as though you’re squeezing a lemon but the juicer’s a bit fragile. Avoid pushing down too hard, as you could cause him pain; the idea’s to apply friction to the head of his penis, but not to bend his banana. For a subtler alternative, hold his member firmly with one hand and use the other to thoroughly explore the head. Rub the sides of his head with the lubed palm of your hand, swirling over and patting the top, and trace the edge of his corona (the ridge around the bottom of the head) with your fingers.


Grabbing your man’s behind sends his sex engine the clear message that you want him to crank the action up, but it can also work to opposite affect. You’ll notice he tenses his bum and thigh muscles just before climax – that’s because it intensifies the feeling and helps brings on the orgasm. Massaging his bum when he’s close to coming will help him hold off orgasm. It’s a common misconception that stimulating the anus has to involve penetration, but simply massaging his pucker with a well-lubed fingertip when he’s inside you will fill him with warm sensations. If you want to take it up a notch, and he’s open to the idea, penetrate him with a finger. The tissues inside and surrounding the anus can get torn or damaged easily, so trim and clean your nails beforehand or put a condom on your finger. With him lying on his back, legs bent and facing you, insert your fingertip then gradually press in the full length, with your finger facing you. About two inches inside is the prostate gland, which feels like a walnut-sized lump – stroke this in a come-hither motion and he’ll melt. Remember to keep it hygienic, though: wash your hands afterwards, before touching your genitals or his.


If you’re mid-sex, delivering a show-stopping blow-job or providing a helping hand-job, never neglect these three key areas. Mid-action, roll his balls around in the palm of your hand, gently adding pressure, and explore under the testicles to feel the lowest part of the penis through the scrotal sack – it doesn’t often get attention! If his orgasm’s approaching too fast, slow it down by gently tugging his testicles (he may need a firmer touch for this to work, so check with him). Due to its proximity to his most sensitive bits, your man’s perineum – the skin between his testicles and anus – can be used to get him hard without even touching his penis. When you go down on him, nuzzle the area with your lips and tongue, or use lube to massage it with your fingers, pressing firmly to stimulate the prostate gland.


Similarly to the stomach, the thighs are close enough to his best asset that touching them will put him into anticipation overdrive. With him sat on the bed or stood before you, kneel between his legs and take your time stroking, kissing and gently biting his thighs. Every now and again, look up at him to let him know you’re enjoying yourself and keep his focus on how tantalisingly close your head is to his penis.

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