It doesn’t take perfume on your significant other’s clothes to flag tell tale signs. Sometimes your gut just tells you that you’re being taken for a fool.

The worst feeling in the world is discovering that the love declared was simply lip service, and that all your trust and time invested has resulted in naught.

Nearly one in six people in unmarried relationships admit that they are worried about their partner’s loyalty.

Measuring what it described as “commitment asymmetry” among couples, studies found 15 percent of those who were unmarried admitted concern that their partner’s level of commitment was different to theirs.

However, its also terribly awful to nurture insecurities, when in actual fact your partner has been loyal all along.

To counteract this complex scenario from ever playing out we’ve compiled a list of tell tale signs that suggest you’re being cheated on:

1. Your sex life has changed drastically

While a nonexistent sex life could be a sign, so is sudden over-the-top miraculous sex.

Don’t make any assumptions yet. You don’t want to look like a crazy person!


2. Secretive with technology

Pack your bags and run.

No, I’m joking (kind of). Although this sign is quite obvious.

Sudden password changes and agitation when you look or touch their phone?

C’mon sweetpea, something’s up.


3. Grooming habits have improved

A dramatic shift in attention to grooming, clothes, and fitness habits. Are they working out like crazy now?

Let’s not jump to conclusions just yet…but if you know that he/she never cared about how they look and all of the sudden it’s all about what people think?

Maybe just look into the ‘people’ that he/she tries to impress.

4. Their availability sucks!

As soon as he/she spends less time with you, you should probably consider burning the matching Mr and Mrs t-shirts!

Golden rule: Never say no to your significant other.

I might be biased on this one.

However if you do notice that they’re always unavailable even after work/ university hours and that they always murmur about their evening plans and never truly admit to what they’re upto, then you have reason to be worried.

5. Your partner is always on the defensive

No. If you reach this point, I am just gonna put it straight.

DUMP their sorry a*s!

If he/she always defends himself/herself, even if you are not accusing them of anything, that means he/she is paranoid about something.

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If you’re ticked one item or more off of this list, then you need to communicate your feelings and thoughts to your partner. Don’t keep it pent up until you burst and appear irrational. Communication is key.

Also don’t follow this list notoriously.

Just be aware of the signs and deduce. Listen to your gut and communicate properly.

Furthermore, they might be secretive because of a surprise they’re throwing for you or they’re part of the secret service. You never know these days…

Peace out ✌️

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