“I could tell from across the room that we might be into each other. Now that I’m here, I’m sure.” (Movie, The Duff)

Your move. Not everyone is brave enough to just walk up to their crush and say the above lines. Some people need a little bit of help to get to their happily ever after. If that is you, worry not and try these five tips below

1. Be Confident

Confidence will ensure that you are better prepared for any outcome. It will also help you get your point across better.

2. Don’t be creepy!

So you’ve been Facebook stalking your crush for the of longest time; They don’t have to know that! Don’t mention things like “I like the outfit you bought last week. Blue looks good on you!” It will only make you appear like a creep and scare your crush away.

3. Look Good, because why not?

Looking good is linked with confidence. If you look good, you feel good. When you feel good you flirt better!

4. Setting is everything

Make sure that you pick a place where there will be no distractions, telling someone you like them requires both parties’ undivided attention.

Just tell them how you really feel, speak from the heart. Even if things don’t work out the way you’d want them to, better get everything out in the open.

Now go out there and spread the love!

[SIDE NOTE: This is not applicable if your crush is a celebrity or a character from your favorite movie.]

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