We all know that love is one of the things we are constantly trying to understand and define.

When do you build up your walls around your heart? Should you?

Is it necessary to block out every possible love story because you’ve been hurt before or fear getting hurt?

True love is a term that is overused but quite often misunderstood and misconstrued.

We know that love can be frightening or intimidating.

We often experience a glimpse of fairytale love through romantic movies and most of us fear that we might never ever have the opportunity to experience it in our lifetime.

Society has changed over time and skepticism around true love is at its ultimate high.

Sometimes I think that the society we live in is now populated with people who love things at a superficial level and enjoy exploiting others.

Once you look beyond the white noise and take a moment to look deep within the soul of that one person that actually makes your smile instinctively; you will realise that love has the ability to subdue the harshest critic.

Do you still remember what old oakies* always like to say?

What do Millennials even know about love and commitment?!

Remember, there is no formulae to love. Love is a gift bestowed upon us. It’s human nature to love and nurture.

You don’t learn to fall in love. It just happens because it’s the most natural and most pure energy to exist.

Here are 5 signs to know if you are in love:

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1. It is not official until it’s online

I don’t care who says what, going online instantly makes your relationship blaring official to the world.

2. The Notebook IS goals.

Staying committed to one person and growing old with them is the ultimate goal peeps! No matter what the circumstances are. Wow.

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3. Love is for everyone

Society has a long way to go regarding this viewpoint. At least millennials are far quicker and more open in accepting that love has no restrictions.

4. Romance is more important than sex

Unless it is a one night stand, sex is just a piece of the puzzle. Romance can do a lot more for you than sex can.

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5. Marriage is not the end of the relationship

There is this notion where people think that all the fun and butterflies go away when you get married.

Thank goodness that is not true. Marriage is just a beautiful part of your journey of love!

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– Richelle Neethling

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