Let’s talk about size…


Well… the question will receive various responses depending on gender, culture, and more importantly, experience.

Ask African men about the best penis size and most of them would probably answer “Yes! The larger, the better”.

African men classify a bigger woman with more meat, as the ultimate woman that can be the mother of their kids.

However in western culture, men are more attracted to women with a slender figure as this in their terms, symbolises that a woman is taking good care of her health.

Contrary to the notion that”Size doesn’t matter,” in bed its a tad different.

Size does matter to women and its a stimulus towards orgasming faster

On the 24th of September, a new study found out that women who have frequent penetrative sex are more likely to climax with men who have larger penises.

We took to CPUT Cape Town campus and asked a few millenials whether penis size matters and this is what they said:

“Well size doesn’t matter, it depends on your ability and it also depends on your partner’s sexual skills. If you are not open minded then it can be a problem. I mean, there are people who can have a huge machine but not be able to use it and you find those with short guns who know how to make a girl go crazy.” – Nancy

“In my opinion, size matters to some extent, it depends on your partner, because they determine the level of satisfaction. If a woman has slept with many partners then your size might be smaller for them (laughs) ja… it depends on their frequecy of having sex and the partners that they have slept with.” – Dimpho

Out of all penile aspects according to medicine, size is not as important. The urethra opening is much more important than the penis’s appearance. According to Darius Paduch, Ph.D, “A bigger penis in no way guarantees a bigger orgasm for a woman. A more modestly sized guy who knows how to use his penis well can help a woman achieve a better orgasm than a man who has a penis, porn stars would envy.”

You might have been doing it from your early ages of doll house role playing, however we are here to tell you that they might have been a few things that you didn’t take into consideration.

Have you thought about the impact a penis shape has?

Understanding the Shape and size of your penis will help you decide on the perfect sex position which will leave her curling her toes in pleasure. There are a few positions and tricks that we would like to help you with to add some fire into your sex life.

1. The Cucumber

Cucumber shaped penis is the ultimate, almost every position suits it, because most women can easily accommodate average-sized penis’s.


How to to make it work: Go ahead, laugh out. It takes two to hit the bedroom, bare in mind that men respond very well to visual stimuli. To help your man out, the more you keep them visually stimulated, the more bigger and thicker it becomes. Tip: Be experimental and try out something that you have never tried before, try role playing or something more intense.

2. The undersized

No need to be ashamed of your size, we are here to help you. Undersized penis or congenital micropenisin, the medical terms measures up to three inches of length.

Women can find this type of penis tricky to squeeze in properly so that they can feel penetration, this doesn’t mean it’s the end of your kinky world. All you need is the right methods.

How to make it work: Position is the master secret with this penis shape. Rather than anthing else, start focusing on positions that will provide the full indepth penetration, the best position would be to make sure you get the full view of her bum and hit it straight in the deep end.

3. The banana

Yes banana’s. This type of penis is long and has a natural curve like a banana when it becomes erect. Most women might prefer a straight penis as it hits the G spot. It feels better and tighter. However when it bends, the bending can be extreme causing an “akward embarrasing moment” for the partner. No need to be ashamed, the key is to understand your God given body part and use it effectively.

How to make it work: We would recommend that you try a downward curve with your partner, try the reverse cowgirl for a G-spot stimulation. All the positions that you might try will turn out great as long as you perfectly align his penis with the curve.


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