CAPE TOWN – One minute, you’re kissing and have this whole awesome love-making plan. The next, you’re actually somewhere lost with passion and lust. And something completely random could happen to make you cringe — hard. Here, teens describe their most painfully awkward moments during sex.

1. “After a semi boozy lunch with my family and friends, my boyfriend and I quickly went upstairs to wiggle a little at around 12:00pm. Leaving everyone downstairs, my room was directly above the lounge and my boyfriend and I started having it so heavy, forgetting that there were people downstairs. I was on top of him when my ‘Holy mother’ crashed into the room and asked if we were okay… Oh boy there was my most awkward and embarrassing moment.” – Trina, 24.

2. “Well… my girlfriend also knows that, Pokemon is my day one. One time, I really don’t know what happened but for some reason, I started singing Pokemon theme song during sex. Luckily we both gamers, so she found it cute and started singing along,” – Rick 20.

3. “Having pets is not always such a good idea, this one time my ex and I were having sex in the lounge and my puppy was in the room, watching us. I tried looking at it and said ‘shuuu, go away’, but the puppy didn’t leave, it got a bit uncomfortable, then we had to pause so that I take it out,” – Liziwe, 21.

4. “Just as bae and I were in the moment, he accidentally called me ‘bro'” – Zandi, 24.

5. “There I was queening like ever before and the motion got intense. The next moment I was screaming out his name and the next moment my wig was pulled out. That just killed the mood” – Gina, 22.

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