London – If your plan is to have kids, get a mortgage and grow old together, your twenties is a precious time to make memories and pack the things in you might not be able to do once you become parents and home owners.

Here we have a few suggestions, before all that occurs:

1. Save

You will regret going into your thirties with no money behind you – even if it’s only a little bit of cash, make sure you have something to put towards your future together and keep the wolf from the door.

2. Pay off your debt

Work hard to get rid of any student loans, credit cards and overdrafts so you can start with a clean slate and get your credit score back up for such times when you’re looking for a home to buy.

3. Seek your dream jobs

One of you might need to take a step down to look after kids so go and get the jobs you really want and make the most of them while you only have that and each other to think about.

4. Live together

If you can’t afford to purchase a house at least live together for a little while to see if you’re compatible under the same roof. You don’t want to get a mortgage and then find that you can’t stand to be near each other.

5. Have lots of sex

When kids come along you might not have as much time for the physical side of your relationship. Your sex life will inevitably take a hit so have it now as often as the mood takes you.

6. Spend quality time with each other

When your responsibilities increase as you get older you may have less time together, so make sure that you invest in that now.

7. Travel

If one-day money becomes too tight or you can’t afford to leave the country, you might regret not going further afield while you weren’t tied to anything. If you can scrape the money together then try to see as much of the world as possible.

8. Spend time with each other’s family

You are laying down the foundations by creating a family unit that includes everyone from both sides. It’s not about ‘us’ and ‘them’ it’s about coming together into one big circle of trust.

9. Venture outside

You don’t have to see lots of other people – but don’t just sit and watch TV. Go to the cinema, out for a walk, the theatre, bowling, for meals- anything that will help you to keep active and inventive with your time together.

10. Find a joint hobby

Have one of your own too but discover something you love to do as a pair- cooking, hiking, bike riding, playing games- whatever brings you together that you enjoy doing as a team.

– Female First

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