1. #IfWeDate you dont K me – im not your friend…


2. #IfWeDate just give me the damn attention so I won’t have to nag you! ?


3. #IfWeDate I’m not saying I’m perfect; in fact I know I’m far from it; I’m just saying I’m worth it.


4. #IfWeDate The bill is ours. Just like the food was ours.


5. #IfWeDate Know that I date for a purpose. I wanna marry you


6. #IfWeDate just know I don’t send nudes!!


7. #IfWeDate please be yourself


8. #IfWeDate you dont have to hide your payslip ??✋


9. I am not your Blesser. #IfWeDate


10. #ifwedate be prepared to deal with me taking an hour and a half to get ready


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