JOHANNESBURG – A relationship – a connection between two people when around each other at no specific time or place.

Being in a relationship is by your own free will. No one can force you into a relationship and it’s your decision to leave if you do feel unhappy in one.

In today’s modern times, there are a few things that differ in relationships compared to relationships from the 20th century (just look at our parents and grandparents). Equality is one of the few traits that’s one of the difference-makers in today’s relationships: both partners except equal love and respect, have equal responsibility towards themselves (first) and then their partner.

Aspiring to have a relationship similar to what we see in celebrity magazines, TV, film and reality series can have a negative effect as it often give a distorted view on how relationships can be modelled on, for example: how men/women should be treated in a relationship, how cheating is acceptable and why monogamy is no longer cool.

A relationship is a two-way street. One should never be in a good and stable relationship if you always have to be the one that takes/receives but never gives. It’s about having to make sacrifices in order to build a strong foundation within, not just you but your partner as well.

If you are in a relationship you can not always be in demand. Sometimes things might not go your way however, it does not mean you aren’t being loved.

Different things happen for different people what matters is how you and your partner differ in your own relationship.

A relationship it is like a growing plant – in order for the relationship to be strong it needs constant nourishment which is time, communication, love and dedication.

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