Brutally honest millennial, Ziyanda Mgwili writes unapologetically…

“Apart from my own unpleasant sexual encounters, far too often have I listened to my friends complain about how selfish their partners are in bed.

Of the many terrible experiences I have ever had, it involved an encounter that will forever haunt my memories.

Being sexually liberated I decided to hook up with a guy that gloated much about his sexual ability to satisfy the desires of a woman.

Naturally, I hoped that he would put his money where his mouth is.

I enjoyed his company a lot but I was not there for the inconsequential conversations, so I gently pulled him close, locking my lips to his.

I was there for one thing and one thing only, to get f*cked hard and good by a guy that seemingly had all the ‘skills’.

He was not the best kisser but I could work with it.

I expected it to last longer, to feel his warm hands around my neck while the other hand gently wonders around until it finds a warm place to land and play with.

To my surprise, we stopped kissing and the guy took off his clothes and instructed me to take off mine while he puts on a condom.

I reluctantly conceded to his request and nervously watched him approach me. He attempted to go down on me for roughly 2 seconds as though he was doing me a huge favour by being there.

When he finally stopped, he tried to slide in and of course this was a mission as I was not exactly turned on by him.

The question I asked myself was, why would he force himself inside me when he could clearly feel that I was not ready?

In the midst of all this, I laid down there having a silent conversation with myself.

He eventually managed to get it in and without a doubt, that was the most horrendous sex I have ever had.

I stopped him 2 minutes into it. After all I could do a better job pleasing myself and that’s exactly what I did as soon as I got home.

I felt that he did not even deserve to watch.

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We are not asking men to spend ridiculous amount of hours licking up our sexual juices but a little effort in foreplay would go a long way and do not be shy to ask for guidance if you are not sure.

We know our bodies better than you ever will.

Good foreplay will lead to mind blowing sex for both of us because we only start to enjoy sex fully when we use the word WE or US.”

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