winter wardrobe

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Temperatures are dropping and we’re reaching for anything to bundle us up and keep us warm (boyfriends included).

Thankfully, there are a multitude of options to keep us cosy this winter.

Try a cable knit sweater in mustard yellow, one of the season’s biggest colors, or experiment with the newest fashion faux pas-turned-trend: ugly sneakers. If you’re not ready for bold fashion statements, swap your go-to silhouette for a similar piece in a bright new hue. You can test out daring colors like fire engine red and emerald in cuts that you know flatter you. Best of both worlds!

Create your own winter capsule wardrobe with these fail-safe essentials from Spree. Here are some basic winter wardrobe staples every girl needs in her closet!

winter wardrobe

Bell sleeve maxi dress. Picture: Supplied.

The bell sleeve maxi dress from Style Republic is the perfect long dress for cooler weather because of the subdued hues and long sleeves.

winter wardrobe

Soft frill trench coat. Picture: Supplied.

Cool, classy and sophisticated, the soft frill trench coat instantly gives a polished look to your winter wardrobe.

winter wardrobe

Aztec strap sling bag. Picture: Supplied.

Winter ’18 handbags are all about revisiting classic styles and having a little more fun. The Aztec strap sling bag is also a great way to express your sense of style in the winter and is a must-have for the season.

winter wardrobe

Racing stripe pants. Picture: Supplied.

One of the biggest winter 2018 trends are the racing stripe pants. Once considered a strictly casual clothing item, these beauties can now be dressed up to take your look from relaxed to luxe.

winter wardrobe

Easy fit volume sleeve. Picture: Supplied.

Mustard yellow is everywhere right now and is the perfect accompaniment to add some exotic and zesty touches to any wardrobe. The easy fit volume sleeve certainly cuts the mustard.

winter wardrobe

Metallic quilted puffer jacket. Picture: Supplied.

The padded jacket is no longer associated with walking the dog or skiing on a slippery slope. Opting for a metallic quilted puffer jacket ensures you’ll stand out from the crowd.

winter wardrobe

Femme cropped sweater. Picture: Supplied.

The arrival of colder months doesn’t have to mean you can’t show off your flair for fashion. Not just a comfy piece – as it keep us warm and in style, the femme cropped sweater is the key piece that makes transitional dressing easy.

winter wardrobe

Pleated midi skirt. Picture: Supplied.

An essential and classic piece for every season is the pleated midi skirt now updated with stripes that lends itself towards a sportier stance.

winter wardrobe

Gel-lyte sneakers in black. Picture: Supplied.

Feast your eyes on these gel-lyte sneakers that deliver warmth and style and most certainly deserve prime position in your wardrobe.

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