Potatoes are probably the most versatile veggie.

From boiling to frying, the possibilities are endless. But we’ve found five other ways to prepare them.

1. KEEP THE SKINS ON. Boiled or steamed new potatoes with their skins left on contain 12 percent more fibre.

2. USE them cold in a salad. Potatoes have a reputation for raising blood sugar levels too high, but cooking and chilling produces “resistant starch”, which blunts the blood sugar-raising effect. It’s also good for digestion as resistant starch feeds good gut bacteria.

3. TOP a baked potato with tomato salsa. Salsa is a low-calorie topping, it will bump up your veg count (potatoes themselves don’t count), and the acidity of salsa helps counter the blood sugar-raising effect of potatoes.

4. TRY Vivaldi SPUDS FOR weight LOSS. This potato has roughly 26 percent less carbohydrate and a third fewer calories than other varieties.

5. MASH with sweet potato. Sweet potatoes are higher in calories, but do count towards your five-a-day. The two have complementary nutritional profiles — potatoes are higher in thiamin (vitamin B1) and folic acid, but sweet potatoes contain more vitamins A, C and E.

– Daily Mail

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